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Stage 1

Introduction to C

1Netbeans Setup for C Programming
2C Programming Introduction & History
3Hello World Program using C
4Flow of C Program
Biswanath Ghosh (Tapos)

I am a software developer with over 5+ years of experience. From the beginning of my career, I have been working with web technologies like PHP ( Laravel, CodeIgniter framework) & ASP.NET (MVC 5). Database part MySQL, SQLServer , MongoDB, Java, Android. Participating programming contest in hackerrank.

Stage 2

Keywords, Variables and Data Types

1Keywords and Variables in C
2Data Types in C
3Constant in C
4 Print f and Scan f Functions

Stage 3

Comments and Operators

1Comments and Operators in C
2Operator Example in C
3Operator Example Part 2

Stage 4


1If Statement in C
2If Else Statement in C
3If and Else If Ladder Statement
4Switch Statement Part 1
5Switch Statement Part 2
6To find Odd and Even Number Program

Stage 5


1C Loops and For Loops
2C Nested for Loop
3While Loop in C
4Do While Loop in C
5Program to Calculate Factorial of a Number

Stage 6


1Function In C Introduction with Example
2Function : Example with Parameters
3Function : Call by Value
4Function : Call by Reference
5Recursion in C

Stage 7


1Array in C
2Array example ( Input and Output in an Array )
32D Array example

Stage 8


1Passing array to function
2Pointer to Pointer
3Pointer Arithmetic
4Dynamic Memory Allocation Malloc

Stage 9

String and Method

1String in C
2C Gets and Puts Method
3C String Function
4C Math Function
5Structure in C with Example

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Every Friday And Saturday Class

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